Wiesbaden, July 21, 2017 – Meat and sausages don’t actually need to be deep-fried to look and taste that way; they just need Kalle’s new Roasted Flavor sausage casing. Roasted aromas and the distinctive “deep-fried” appearance are achieved without even touching a fryer. Instead, the flavor and the crust are infused through the Roasted Flavor casing straight onto the surface of the filling – in just one step. This considerably reduces the amount of time spent in production while making the product safer and avoiding the negative effects generally associated with deep-frying. These improvements save significant amounts of energy, eliminate the risk of fire that deep-frying poses, and make the acts of cleaning equipment and disposing of used fat obsolete. On top of that, there is no need to fear any of the usual risks that come with the act of deep-frying at high temperatures – not to mention the content of the frying fat itself. Around 15 percent of cooked meat products and their vegetarian variations currently found in supermarkets are deep-fried. The Roasted Flavor casing is suitable for all of these types of products, and it is already available now.


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