Effective press and public relations work

Ten people, one agency and pretty big clients. We seem to be doing something right at strategic communications consulting, press relations and financial communications.

What drives us

Corporate Communication, Content Marketing, Reputation Management? The performance counts

The world of communication is full of buzzwords, boundaries between the disciplines of PR and marketing are becoming increasingly blurred and the range of media is growing daily. Ultimately, however, one thing is always important: An effective appearance, on individually determined channels, achieved through professional work.

For us, exciting topics are the driving force: We deal with transformation and digitization, globalization and expansion, mergers and acquisitions, financing and participation, new business areas and product lines, leadership and management, succession and growth, restructuring and crises.

Experienced communications experts striving for a perfect result. As a team and in a network

Maybe it’s the IWK-principle: Everything we offer is backed by the entire agency. This is indeed to be understood literally. Of course, each of our customers has a main contact person. But that doesn’t mean that our colleagues don’t think about other clients. On the contrary, an agency of our size develops its own momentum and spontaneity, which leads to quick decisions and short coordination processes.

That’s why IWK should remain small but excellent. Due to our network, we are able to offer extensive corporate publishing projects as well as exceptional event management or individual media training for board communication. The core of our work, however, is the result of ten people with drive, passion, commitment and dedication.

What We Offer

Are you on the verge of a large deal? Is your start-up entering the next growth phase? As a family entrepreneur you also want to transform your company communicatively? The experts at your company want to position themselves more strongly with their intellectual capital? Find out more about our services:

IWK Communication Partner - PR-Agentur München - Strategische Kommunikationsberatung

Strategic Communications Consulting

Concept, strategy, campaign: We support you in your corporate communication from planning to implementation. We realise predefined communication goals systematically and effectively. The goal: clear differentiation from the competition with the greatest possible attention.

Financial Communication

Shareholders and investors, analysts and financial media: everyone wants to know everything about you and everyone has a completely different previous knowledge. Communication with different target groups requires in-depth knowledge of the market and its players, but also what information is best placed where and when. We do know that.

IWK Communication Partner - PR-Agentur München - Finanzkommunikation
IWK Communication Partner - PR-Agentur München - Pressearbeit

Media Relations

The right topic at the right time, the right event with the right guests, the right network of opinion leaders and journalists: press relations is more than just writing a text. Credibility, efficiency and the right positioning on the market require a sound topic management with journalistic intuition.

Corporate Publishing

Your company has the story. It just has to be told. With the right choice of medium, the right tonality, the pinpoint message. Different target groups are served with relevant content that creates an exclusive public.

IWK Communication Partner - PR-Agentur München - Corporate Publishing
IWK Communication Partner - PR-Agentur München - Krisen- und Changekommunikation

Crisis  and Change Communication

Things change and sometimes they change in a way that some people just don’t like. And crises usually happen suddenly. This requires appropriate communication. Only who says it best, how is it said and when? It depends on very precise intuition. Towards the public, but also towards your employees.


An event becomes a medium: Hardly any form of communication is as personal and leaves such a lasting impression as a corporate event. If it has been successful. We develop the right format for your target group, find the right locations and present the interesting speakers.

IWK Communication Partner - PR-Agentur München - Events

This is What We Offer Support for

We are happy to solve complex communication tasks for you. We do not rely on quick shots, but on the best solution.

How can my company become more visible to the public?

What are the best messages for positioning ourselves?

How do we communicate best with our target groups?

How do I establish myself as a sought-after industry expert?

What is the right way to deal with media and journalists?

When do we inform our employees and stakeholders about changes?

Is a presence on social media necessary at all?

Typical questions that companies of all sizes and from all industries can face. Learn more about the customers we support in communication.

Our Clients