Dyphox is a product line of the Regensburg-based German company of the same name. As a spin-off of UKR, the Regensburg university hospital, Dyphox currently employs a staff of 15. Its proprietary technology originated in cancer therapy for white skin cancer and has been further developed by a scientific team led by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bäumler to make it usable against infectious germs. Dyphox is a permanently active, antimicrobial system of active substances based on the principle of photodynamics.

Dyphox can be used as an additive in lacquer, coatings, wall paint, silicones and fluids, and is also available as spray or wipe solutions for the retroactive treatment of surfaces. The antimicrobial effect works on surfaces of any kind to permanently increase the level of hygiene and to reduce the risk of germ spread significantly.

Dyphox’s CEO Xaver Auer has long-standing experience to develop the company into a leader in the market for antimicrobial surface technologies. Dyphox is used in the healthcare, packaging and transport sectors, in public areas and offices, the foodstuff industry as well as in restaurants and mechanical engineering.