With a total of nine inpatient clinics, seven outpatient sites and the Munich-based holding company, the ATOS group is one of the leading providers of cutting-edge orthopedic medicine in Germany and a portfolio of Waterland Private Equity. The first clinic was founded in Heidelberg in 1991. Today, the ATOS group has gathered the highest number of medical awards in the field of orthopedics throughout Germany under one roof. Its highly specialized practitioners perform a total of 20,700 surgeries per year and regularly occupy top positions in FOCUS’s and other renowned sector rankings with their services. The clinic group with around 900 employees, including around 170 practitioners, is headed by CEO Martin von Hummel. Particularly innovative about ATOS is its model of the practitioner as a shareholder: Under its umbrella, many practitioners are not only active in their respective medical roles, but also assume entrepreneurial responsibility as clinic shareholders.